Polyurethane Pultrusion Technology Advantages


The polyurethane pultrusion technology has the following advantages:

(1) When pultruding with the traditional resin, it may require 4 or 5 types of different glass fiber mats. These mats must be cut to be required shapes. For the polyurethane pultrusion, we can use roving instead of glass fiber mat. That will reduce the glass fiber mat and the raw material cost and improve the cost-efficiency.

On the other hand, with the roving instead of mat, fiber volume content can be increased to be about 80%, which is much more than the majority of non PU resin products fiber content(60%). Thus, resin and glass fiber will have a better combination of polyurethane, so the strength and stiffness will be better than general pultruded profiles.

(2) Polyurethane pultruded products have some new applications, construction, transportation and infrastructure markets to replace steel and aluminum.

(3) The original pultrusion system can be improved to be polyurethane pultrusion system easily, and it won’t need large investment.

(4) In addition to the advantages of the above physical properties and molding, polyurethane pultrusion parts assembly also has the advantages of convenience, especially fastening. Because of the strength of the polyurethane, we can screw on the polyurethane pultruded products without pre drilling, so you can save time and labor.

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