Pultruded Products Used In Building Industry


The next important area of pultrusion industry is commercial building. This market is very large, however, to obtain high profits, pultruded products must have good energy saving effect and flame retardant properties. Fiberglass pultruded profiles will be widely used in this field in the near future.

Handrail And Fence

Over the years, wood and PVC handrail and fence occupy the majority of market share because the good wood prices are lower and PVC surface decoration effect. However, PVC is not expensive but can’t meet all requirements of users. Sometimes in order to achieve certain strength requirements, enhanced PVC with steel, which makes the ratio of large weight and high price of pure PVC.

Fiberglass fence span can be larger than PVC to reduce the number of posts, and cost will decrease. The fence stability of composite material is better. PVC fence and handrail industry experts were called “soft rope syndrome”, when faith in it, especially under the condition of being heated, the feeling is not stable enough, always want to grasp the handrail to leave. This is the reason why the fiberglass composite materials and arm rest fence now are widely accepted in the market.

Arbor And Scaffolding

The composite material has the advantages of high strength, light weight and good weather resistance, many decorative products are made of pultruded composite material instead of wood products.

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