Pultrusion Mould Characteristics And Curing Method


Pultrusion mold characteristics and curing method:

(1) the pultrusion mold characteristics

Usually, the pultrusion mold materials are steel, ordinary steel or chrome plated.  In order to facilitate the release, improve the smoothness of the product surface, the mold surface finish requirements are higher, and the mold size should not be too long, usually with 900 millimeters advisable. Mold entry with a bell mouth shape, to avoid damage to the fiber and help to remove the excess glue. By adopting the combination mode for internal cleaning.

(2) curing method

Mold capable of using electric heating, and the curing furnace can be used far-infrared heating and high-frequency heating. The current trend of using high-frequency heating because it is conducive to the cured product and improves production efficiency.

How to solve the FRP pultrusion equipment block mold

1. Choose a better internal mold release agent.

2. Reduce the amount of filler, and keep the surface of the product full evenly.

3. Glass fiber quantity needs to be appropriate, not too much or too little. And the quantity can be calculated according to the product cross section.

4. The temperature shouldn’t be too low or too high, it depends on the fiberglass pultruded product thickness.

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