Fiberglass Pultruded Road Sign And Electric Sign


Fiberglass pultruded electric telecommunication cable warning pile

Sign application: indication and warning signs of electric power, communication, gas, water, railway geographic pipeline path channel. Instructions for downtown, scenic area, green belt on both sides of the path, bushes, pipe jacking pipeline.

Fiberglass pultruded road sign pile is 400mm buried in the soil. Composite materials (not recycling), oxidation resistance, good strength, the service life of up to 50 years, the surface of the text is a concave text coloring treatment, were marked as a path toward the top of the pipeline, the pipeline direction clear away. A pipeline buried depth marking, warnings and ownership units contact telephone number.

1 high strength, the product uses the model of unsaturated resin materials, by high temperature and pressing.

2 Impact and wear resistance. High-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance.

3 Beautiful appearance, the product can be made into various colors, fonts, pattern clear, obvious warnings and can beautify the city environment.

4. lightweight, convenient transportation and installation, can greatly reduce labor and reduce labor intensity.

5. Anti theft, the fiberglass material unrecycable .

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