The benefits of composite rebar


The benefits of rebar made of epoxy resin or unsaturated resin, fiberglass composite material:

1. Purchase Price

Composite rebar is cheaper than steel rebar.

2. Reduced logistics costs

Composite reinforcements are one-quarter the weight of steel reinforcements and maintain the same strength, resulting in significantly lower shipping costs.

3. The comfort of use

The same parameters also affect reducing the cost of loading and unloading works, thereby eliminating the need to rent heavy equipment and simplifying working hours at the facility.

4. Minimum Thermal Conductivity

The thermal conductivity of composite reinforcement is 100 times lower than that of steel reinforcement, which effectively means it does not conduct heat. It does not create any thermal bridges and reduces the cost of use of the facility. This is the ideal solution in the field of passive house construction.

5. Efficient Use

The thermal expansion of the composite reinforcement is comparable to that of concrete, and any cracks in the concrete under the influence of any temperature changes are excluded, thus eliminating the cost of repairing cracks during the life of the facility.

6. Maintenance Free

Fiberglass Reinforced Rebar is fully corrosion resistant and will not change its properties even in corrosive and corrosive acidic or alkaline environments, eliminating tedious and expensive inspections.

7. Material Savings

Rebar delivered as designed eliminates any waste and overlaps, reducing the cost of material and labor usage. We can supply rods in straight form, but also bars up to 36 mm in diameter on request.

8. Easy to transport

Due to its lightweight, the transport costs of the coils can be kept to a minimum and in the case of building a semi-detached house, the boot of the investor’s car can also be used.

9. Low risk of construction equipment failure

Removing steel from rebar can greatly reduce the acquisition and repair costs of concrete drilling and cutting tools.

10. Long service life

When deciding to use modern materials produced according to the latest global composite production technology, the equipment used is 3 times stronger than reinforced construction.

The savings from purchasing rebar made of composite materials can even reach 50% of the costs associated with doing rebar works and other works in the factory.

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