FRP Fence Platform Ladder Advantages


The new multi-functional FRP fence platform ladder can provide you with a sturdy and easy-to-operate workspace, which is used in various places such as electricity, construction sites, and residential construction and has the characteristics of safe insulation, strong bearing capacity (150kg) and lightness, It enjoys a high reputation in the industry.

FRP Fence Platform Ladder Advantages

Fiberglass Fence Platform Ladder Details

FRP fence platform ladder advantages:

  • The foot pads are non-slip material, designed at 45 degrees and fixed with rivets, so they won’t slip on smooth floors. For example, home cleaning and maintenance can often be used. The highest height of the platform is 2.9, and the height of the person can be maintained to a height of about 4.6 meters.
  • The pedals are all-aluminum alloys, with white triangle mounts for added weight.
  • The distance between each step is 30cm, which is the distance between international standard ladders, which is in line with the human structure.
  • The advantages of pedals made of this wave pattern: are non-slip, increase friction, and are not afraid of rain. The pedals have been oxidized before being safe. The screw next to it (pointing to the screw) is added with a washer, and these are used for the anti-stripping nut.
  • Fiberglass material is the biggest advantage and feature of this ladder. Because fiberglass is 7 layers. Others on the market are generally 5 layers. Why use fiberglass material? First of all, it has corrosion resistance. It is a composite material and does not produce ionization, so it is particularly resistant to corrosion. Secondly, inspection and maintenance are not required because they will not crack at all to affect the load-bearing. 7 layers of fiberglass take these advantages to the extreme.
  • With the design of mobile casters, girls can also easily drag the ladder away.
  • The minimum height of the fence is 1 meter. The higher the overall height of the ladder, the higher the fence is designed, mainly to ensure that it is safe for people to work inside.
  • The handrail has a very thoughtful design. The latch can be opened and closed with one hand.
  • The fence nets on the four-sided guardrails can be removed. The fence net has added water foot enzyme technology, which is antibacterial and will not burn. The whole ladder is also very convenient to put away.
  • The back reinforced pedal design of the fiberglass fence platform ladder is to increase the load-bearing between the two poles, and the opening of the fence is at the front, so the entire ladder can go up and down freely from the front. The design of the herringbone ladder conforms to the law of triangles.
  • The design of the skirting board is to prevent the staff from stepping empty.
  • Diagonal braces increase stability and prevent tipping.
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