The Characteristics of FRP Grating


FRP(glass fiber reinforced plastic) grating is a polymer composite material, which not only has the characteristics of polymer composite material, but also realizes different product technologies features by selecting reasonable mold types, reasonable raw material selection, adding appropriate additives, and changing product structure types.

Fiberglass grating has the following characteristics:

  1. Light weight and high strength: The specific gravity of ordinary glass fiber reinforced plastic is about 1.8, and its weight is only 1/4 of steel and 2/3 of aluminum. Its strength is ten times that of rigid polyvinyl chloride, and its strength is much higher than that of aluminum, reaching the level of ordinary steel, and its specific strength is 3 to 4 times that of ordinary steel. The glass fiber reinforced plastic grating uses a cross-woven structure integral molding process to evenly distribute the load to each part of the grating, so that the FRP grating has significant mechanical properties.
  2. Chemical corrosion resistance: FRP grating is rust-free, mildew-free, and does not require paint and anti-corrosion. Through reasonable selection of raw materials, it can resist the corrosion of a variety of gas-phase and liquid-phase corrosive media.
  3. Impact resistance: FRP grating has strong impact resistance through the tension of oriented fibers and elastic buffering effect of resin.
  4. Anti-fatigue: FRP grating has some elasticity, which makes people who work on it for a long time feel comfortable. As a working platform, it reduces the tension of the staff’s legs and back, increases the comfort of work, and improves work efficiency has been widely recommended by ergonomics.
  5. Flame-retardant: FRP grating is selected by flame-retardant resin or resin added with flame retardant (flame retardant powder), the oxygen index can exceed 80.
  6. Insulation: Excellent insulation performance makes the FRP grating ideally suitable for work platforms, floors, and fences with conductive hazards. This property greatly reduces the hazard to personnel due to conduction in the conductive area and around the switchgear.
  7. Anti-slip: Operator slipping is also one of the causes of industrial accidents. The FRP grating can increase the frictional resistance and prevent slipping accidents by changing the surface structure of the grating reasonably.
  8. Non-magnetic: FRP grating is an organic polymer composite material, which has the characteristics of magnetic permeability but not magnetic permeability, and can be used on sensitive equipment with mechanical requirements.
  9. No sparks: Collisions between metal grating or tools falling on the metal grating may cause sparks and cause explosions. No fire is required during installation, flammable and explosive areas do not need to stop production, avoiding flammable and explosive places risk of accidental fire.
  10. Convenient maintenance: The color of the fiberglass grating is made by blending the color paste that is compatible with the resin into the resin, so the color is not superficial, so that it can maintain the color lasting. The brightly-colored FRP grating can improve the production environment, change the constant gloomy situation in the corrosive environment, and add luster to the modern factory.
  11. Self-cleaning effect: The smooth surface and inclined surface of the resin-rich layer on the surface of the glass fiber reinforced plastic grating make the grating has a self-cleaning effect, even if there is dirt, it is easy to rinse.
  12. Convenient installation: The use of glass fiber reinforced plastic grating greatly reduces the weight of the components, thus reducing the weight of the supporting structure. The transportation, lifting, moving and assembly of the grating are very convenient, and no lifting equipment is required during installation, the installation cost is about 20%~40% of carbon steel, greatly reducing construction costs.
  13. Anti-aging and long service life: Through reasonable selection of raw materials and the addition of anti-aging additives, the service life of the grating can reach 50 years;
  14. Good comprehensive economic benefits: Compared with ordinary carbon steel, FRP grating has a lower comprehensive cost. Although its one-time investment is higher than that of ordinary carbon steel, its comprehensive economic benefits are greatly superior because of its long service life and no maintenance.

The Characteristics of FRP Grating             The Characteristics of FRP Grating

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