Brief Introduction of FRP Cable Tray Ladder


FRP cable tray is impregnated with unidirectional glass fiber roving and other continuous reinforcement materials, resin, flame-retardant materials, surface mats, etc. Through the cable tray forming mold, it is formed by high temperature curing in the mold. It is a fully enclosed structure, which has the rigidity of a metal tray and the toughness of a fiberglass cable tray, with good corrosion resistance and strong aging resistance. It is suitable to protect cables of telecommunication and control cables of highly sensitive systems. Especially in heavy corrosive environment and dusty open air environment, it has better protection for cables.

Fiberglass cable tray is strong and durable. It is divided into trough cable tray, cable tray ladder type, and grid structure. It is composed of brackets, support arms and installation accessories. The cable tray in the building can be erected independently or attached to various buildings (structures) and pipe gallery supports.

The modular cable tray is a newest type of cable tray and the second generation product in the cable tray series. It is suitable for the installation of various units and cables in various projects. It has advantages of simple structure, flexible configuration, convenient installation, novel styles, etc. As long as the combined cable tray adopts three basic types with widths of 100, 150 and 200mm, it can be assembled into the cable tray of the different size you need. It can be arbitrarily turned and changed direction according to site installation needs without bend, tee and other accessories. It is not only convenient for engineering design, but also convenient for production and transportation, and more convenient for installation and construction. It is the most ideal product in the current cable tray.

Cable Tray Features:

  1. Anti-corrosion, anti-aging, no deformation, no weathering and peeling at 160 degrees Celsius.
  2. Good heat insulation and warmth (thermal conductivity coefficient 0.14kcl/mhr degree Celsius).
  3. Non-toxic,no carcinogenic microorganisms such as asbestos-based, in line with world health standards.
  4. Does not grow moss, prevents the growth of microorganisms and attachments, and resists strong winds (resistant to 120 miles per hour).
  5. Toughand impact resistant(tensile strength 42Mpa).
  6. Safe,reliableand fire retardant.
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