The Features of FRP Pultruded Profiles


The FRP profiles include square tubes, rectangular tubes, circular tubes, Angle tubes, i-bar, grooves, bars and other standard profiles of various sizes as well as special profiles customized for customers. FRP profiles are widely used in different fields through proper connection and combination. For example: fiberglass grating platform, walkway, ladder, guardrail, cooling tower bracket, sports equipment, tool handle and other bearing structure.

Strength: the product is very strong, the bar with a cross section of 1 square centimeter has 7 tons of tensile strength, and it is light in weight, only a quarter of the steel.

Electrical insulation: good electrical insulation is one of the main characteristics of this product, and at the same time with excellent arc resistance, can be made into cable support, electrical insulation ladder. Corrosion and weather resistance: easy to rust steel, wood perishable.

The FRP profile has better corrosion resistance than stainless steel and aluminum.

The product is suitable for outdoor use, can give full play to its excellent performance, and will not deform.

Machinability: general metal working tools can be used in the processing of FRP profile. It is more machinable than steel. No special tools are needed in any workplace, which greatly improves work efficiency. The products can be cut, punched, tapped and sanded.

The Features of FRP Pultruded Profiles

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