The Progress of Unicomposite


We are here glad to announce that in the beginning of 2012, Unicomposite got the international quality standard ISO 9001:2008 certification and became one of the ISO qualified FRP(Fiberglass Reinforced Pultrusion) products supplier in China.
The achievement of ISO certification is a proof of Unicomposite’s ability on Fiberglass and Composite products’ designing and producing, also it is a powerful foundation that Unicomposite has enhanced its management level and will provide higher quality product and service to the customers.

Unicomposite product manager has led a work team with 3 experienced technical persons went to Mexico to do FRP sheet continuous production line assembly, test, sample production and technology transfer during Jan 14th~28th, 2014.

The main equipment specification is 65M×5M×3M. This equipment is full-featured, easy operation,high degree of automation, high transmittance and can produce all kinds of ordinary FRP sheet, tile. Our workers has tried corrugated plates production successfully at site.
The Progress of Unicomposite
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