The FRP Mold Gel-Coat Introduction


There are two kinds of mold gel-coat, hand brush and spray. In commonly used system, it can be  divided into metaphenylene neopentyl glycol, vinyl, phenolic and epoxy. The color is black, orange, green, etc. Common types include pre and non pre promotion.

The mold as a fiberglass mold surface coating, it requires surface density after curing, the strength and hardness. But due to the gel coat resin matrix, adding accessories, quality control and other aspects of the impact, the gel coat leveling, fire, viscosity and thixotropy of the bubble and quality of products has a great influence, these problems will also produce different defects in the gel coat layer. Gel coat in the construction of the skills of operating personnel requirements higher, reflected in the construction site personnel must be adjusted according to the actual situation. Quality of mould gel coat should be with low viscosity, high touch degeneration, good fire foam and leveling and curing characteristics of stability. In order to achieve the above purpose, in gel coat except for the use of an excellent matrix resin, also need to add leveling and defoaming substances, to improve the rubber jacket leveling and defoaming, but note that this kind of material for the small molecular substances does not participate in the reaction, at the same time, because of the presence of solvent, may lead to the pinhole, thus must choose, leveling and defoaming agent, to avoid more addition introduced in excess of the small molecular substances.

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