FRP Sheet In Greenhouse Application


Fiberglass transparent greenhouse is made of transparent FRP skylight panel instead of glass. Practice has proved that the plants and crops in the transparent FRP greenhouse can significantly improve the yield and quality of the effect. In Europe, vegetables and flowers in greenhouse production of more than the annual increase of 10%~20%.

Structural forms of transparent FRP greenhouse with corrugated sheet

Transparent greenhouse is a multifunctional composite material with natural lighting and carrying capacity, which can simplify the design of building structure, save material, reduce cost and convenient construction.

In the form of fiberglass greenhouse, the single slope roof structure is often used in small greenhouse. The greenhouse daylighting surface is a fiberglass skylight panel, in order to reduce the supporting structure, using a fiberglass corrugated sheet strength can lighting board building design into waveform, curved and folded plate shape and trapezoid section.

The load bearing structure of the greenhouse can be made of aluminum alloy, galvanized light steel and prestressed reinforced concrete members, which can be used in large scale FRP greenhouse. Span of greenhouse is generally 6~12m, it also could be designed to be much larger, such as Germany built the span of 18m fiberglass greenhouse roof is double slope transparent FRP waveform section triple hinged arch plate, side wall for transparent FRP folded plate, abutment and the column for the steel structure of fiberglass skylight panel.

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