SMC Combined Water Tank Characteristics and Application


Today we’ll talk about SMC combined water tank characteristics and application.

Fiberglass SMC combined water tank(water box) is a new type of water tank which has been used in the world. They are Assembled from the overall quality SMC water tank board. The food grade resin is used when manufacturing fiberglass water box, so the water quality is good, clean and pollution-free. SMC water tank is high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, long service life, convenient maintenance, etc.

Combined fiberglass tank is molded by SMC plate, sealing assembly material, metal structure and piping system and assembled at  site. It brings great convenience to design and construction. The general water tank is designed according to the standard, and the special water tank needs to be specially designed. Can be assembled from 1500 to 0.125 cubic meters of water tank according to user needs. If the original water tank needs to be replaced, do not need to transform the housing, adaptability is very strong. Specially developed for the sealing belt, the sealing tape is non-toxic, waterproof, elastic, permanent deformation is small, and the fastening seal. The overall strength of the water tank is high, no leakage, no changing line, maintenance, easy maintenance.

The combination type water tank is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, public facilities, such as civil houses, hotels, restaurants, etc. As a living water, fire water and water quality requirements of higher food, medicine, health and other industries essential water storage facilities.

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