Pultrusion Machine Manufacturing Process


Certain technology is required when manufacturing a FRP pultrusion machine such as making the mold, forming the coat and the demould after curing. We’d like to introduce relevant knowledge of these three aspects in the following article and hope it’s helpful to you.

1.Mold making

Internal mold is used to configure the circular or rectangular pultrusion machine. To make the internal mold for circular one, use steel pipe which is slightly smaller in diameter or round tube made with wood beam, plywood and iron plate to make its outer diameter equal to the inner diameter of the circular duct. For the rectangular one, make a keel using wood, and then fasten the wood beam or plywood、iron plate to the keel to make sure the size of the internal mold is equal to the inner diameter of the rectangular duct. Circular or rectangular inner mold should be dis-mountable to make it convenient to demould.

2.Coat forming

Coat the outer layer of the mold with a piece of transparent cellophane and paint mixed resin coating on it. Make sure to paint evenly to avoid the expose of the cellophane. Then, add a layer of glass fabric and paint a resin coating again. Each time you paint a resin coating, add a layer of glass fabric and make sure the cloth to be staggered and flat. Paint a layer of resin coating on the outermost glass fiber and put a piece of cellophane to the surface and make it smooth when the thickness reaches the required size.

3.Curing and demould

When demoulding, remove some support point prepared and separate the mold and the duct. Then, exit the mold.

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