Pultruded Cable Bracket Introduction


Composite pultruded cable bracket is polymer composites material which is composed of resin, glass fiber and filler. It is characterized by light weight, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, fire performance, long service life. Generally, people will usually call is as FRP cable support bracket, composite cable bracket, fiberglass pultruded cable insulation bracket, etc.

Composite pultruded cable bracket is combined, and it is composed of cable bracket, column and fixed pin. Column and the pin of the material is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic composite materials by high temperature, the column can be according to the needs of the interception of any length, height adjustment, free assembly, cable bracket has a variety of specifications to choose from, to meet the requirements of different length and loads.

comparison between composite cable bracket and traditional angle bracket
ItemFRP Cable bracketGalvanized Angle Bracket
FlammabilityLive up to FH-1
Water resistence(%)0.11
Corrosion resistanceAnti-corrosion , acid and basic resistance, salt spray resistantEasy to corrosion and rust
Mechanical strengthThe top stress 2.5 kN deflection of 1.0 cmThe top stress 2.5 kN deflection of 1.2 cm
Lateral force 0.5 kNLightHeavy
Eddying effect(loss)/Lossy
Manufacturing techniqueEasyLong Process cycle
Cable outer sheath grinding testNo visible damageWith a little visible damage
Raw materialCheap, abundant resourcesMore expensive, part imports
ServiceMaintenance-free5 to 7 years to repair once
Installation procedureShort time and easyLong time and hard
Life time30 years

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