The Installation of FRP Grating


The laying of FRP Grating can be done by special equipment refitted by tractor or automobile, which is usually done manually. Both ends of the paper cylinder of each roll of glass fiber grating are marked with orange and blue marks. Before laying, the glue surface shall be selected downward to make sure that the color of the above marks is at one end, so as to facilitate construction and avoid wrong laying of the glue surface. When laying the GRP grid, it shall be kept flat and taut, and both sides shall be aligned. It can be leveled with a level ruler to make the GRP grid have effective tension. After laying, it shall be rolled once with a clean steel roller. Glass fiber reinforced plastic grille is clean, bright and more colorful.

There are two kinds of commonly used Fiberglass Gratings: with self adhesive and without self adhesive. Those with self-adhesive can be directly laid on the leveled base, and those without self-adhesive are usually fixed with stainless steel snap ring and steel nail. Glass fiber gratings without self adhesive are used in ordinary road sections, and the materials required for fixation are:

1) The fixed stainless steel snap ring of 50 × 50 × 0.3mm is required to be flat without warping angle, and the periphery should be chamfered;

2) 2-inch steel nails.

When using the fixed steel nail or stainless steel clasp method to lay the GRP grid, first fix one end of the fixed clasp and the steel nail on the lower structure that has been sprayed with the tack coat asphalt, and the steel nail can be hammered or shot in. Then the grating shall be tensioned longitudinally and fixed in sections, with each section of 2-5M long. It can also be divided into sections according to the space between contraction joints, and the position of steel nails is set at the gap of joints. It is required that the glass fiber shall be in a straight and tensioned state when the grid is tensioned.

The lapping of Fiberglass grid is longitudinal lapping, the lapping width is not less than 20 mm, and the transverse lapping width is not less than 15 mm. The former one shall be placed above the latter one according to the asphalt paving direction. When fixing, it is not allowed to nail the steel nail on the GRP grid, and it is not allowed to directly knock the GRP Gratings with a hammer. If it is found that the steel nail is broken or the snap ring is loose after fixing, it needs to be fixed again. After the laying and fixing of the fiberglass grid, it is necessary to use the rubber roller to properly roll and stabilize it, so as to make the fiberglass grid firmly bonded with the original road surface.

In the actual construction, some construction units directly pave the glass fiber grid after spraying the adhesive layer oil, and the roller is closely followed by rolling, which has good effect and the glass fiber grid is not easy to wrinkle. In the actual operation process, the quality of construction has a great influence on the use effect of FRP grid in the future.


The Installation of FRP Grating

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