Better Functions–Carbon Fiber Profiles


Carbon fiber material have many advantages compared with other materials , such as super light, super, wear, environmental protection, LOHO carbon fiber glasses compared with traditional glasses  also have great advantage:

Relieve the pressure on the bridge of the nose
Traditional glasses such as sheet or metal will be more heavier if worn too long, it will caused a lot of pressure to the bridge of the nose . Too long wearing will cause bridge deformation, if often wear heavy glasses, not only will influence nasal development, there may be to compression of the nerve of the bridge of the nose and orbit. There will be eye fatigue and soreness, numbness between the eyes and nose in. And 7.87 grams of carbon fiber frames without the worry. The nature of carbon fiber determines that it is light, wearing a nose when the sense of weight can be greatly reduced. When the bow or force head, not easy to slide glasses. So the glasses are always down to the pupil of the focus can not keep consistent with the central point of vision caused by the problem is resolved.
Safety, durability, corrosion resistant
In conjunction with the carbon fiber material, at the same time, LOHO glasses heavily top distribution, both good biocompatibility of medical silica gel, or the introduction of exclusive German OBE fine screw, LOHO in every detail are as Virgo general pursuit of perfect. Carbon fiber safety glasses, in addition to sweat resistance corrosion, has high temperature resistance. The electromagnetic shielding of the carbon fiber has certain protection, no conductive no creep, no chemical residue release. Carbon fiber glasses are healthy enough to have no irritation, no toxicity and no allergic reaction to human tissues.
The entire production process of LOHO glasses are strictly. Through the unique design, carbon fiber into the LOHO glasses for its unique and colorful startled four labels: lattice graph carbon fiber mirror legs, fashion suction eye; 7.87 grams of light, forget my wearing glasses; 2mm thickness of the glasses legs and joint compression. The perfect use of a new material to bring a product innovation!
As one of the most successful vertical O2O electricity suppliers, LOHO glasses live in the forefront of the fashion glasses. Carbon fiber glasses market is excellent, according to the LOHO full carbon fiber glasses will soon be listed, compared to the previous half frame carbon fiber glasses, this time the carbon fiber series will have more styles and styling for the user to choose.
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