The Main Production Methods of Carbon Fiber Prepregs


There are two main methods of carbon fiber prepregs:
One is to heat the resin directly to reduce the viscosity, which can be distributed evenly between the fibers, it is called heat solution method.
Another method is to reduce the viscosity by dissolving the resin in the solvent, fiberglass tube and then the solvent is volatilised by the reheating of the resin containing the fiber, it is called the solution impregnation method.

The process of hot-melt glue method, the resin content control is easy, FRP pole which can omit the procedure of drying, and has no residual solvent, but the resin viscosity is high, the fiber fabric is easy to cause fiber deformation.The cost of solvent method is low and the process is simple, but the use of solvent is easily residuated in pre-immersion cloth, which affects the strength of the final composite material and causes the environmental pollution problem.

Carbon fiber beam used in main material thermoset materials at present: epoxy resin, as resin curing state of presoak material for B – stage, thus coiling presoak materials need to be in low temperature environment preservation, carbon fiber in materials at room temperature, can be stored by the time referred to as the storage period, without low temperature storage conditions, presoak material production quantity must be finished in the storage period can use for the principle.

Carbon fiber prepreg market prospect

The carbon fiber rod industry includes not only the production process of polymerization, raw silk and carbon fiber pole, but also the production and application of the production and composite materials of the downstream carbon fiber preimpregnated materials.
According to the report cited by Reinforced Plastics, a composites magazine, the global market for carbon fiber premarket will reach $4 billion by 2019, with a rapid growth rate of more than 11%.The price of carbon fiber preimpregnates will rise faster as production costs rise and aggregate demand grows.The number of global pre-dip suppliers continues to rise, and the overall market is full of innovative vitality, and product performance has a higher performance.

The future development trend of carbon fiber preleaching materials
With the development of the carbon fiber industry, carbon fiber preleaching products have presented a new trend in recent years.
The preimpregnation of large filament carbon fiber tube is increasingly obvious in the industrial field.
The pre-dip material of OOA, Out of Autoclave can greatly reduce the time and cost of presoak.
For special pre-immersing materials for different applications, such as automotive field, it is necessary to develop fast solidifying pre-leaching materials of < 5min in order to meet the following rapid prototyping process.
Functional preimpregnated materials: mixed with carbon nanotubes or short-cut carbon fiber in resin.
Curing of presoak material with other materials: presoak material can jointly with the perfusion of the resin curing, can be moulded together with SMC curing, can also use a one-way presoak presoak﹢fabric material﹢SMC moulded curing together.Thermoplastic material carbon fiber presoak: without cold storage warehouse storage and transportation, subsequent molding process efficient and convenient, the material toughness, impact resistant performance is good, especially renewable use, conform to the trend of green environmental protection energy conservation and emissions reduction.
As carbon fiber, aramid fiber, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) and polyimide (PI) fiber, high performance fiber materials research and development and stability of production, reduces the cost of high performance fiber gradually, the related auxiliary equipment design and manufacturing technology advances, so that the low cost, large scale supply of high performance fiber composite materials to create favorable conditions.

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