Fiberglass Pultruded Garden Light Pole


Garden/courtyard light is also called landscaping light, and it is made of five parts: illuminant, light, light pole, flange, pre-buried accessories.

Compared with 8~14m highway and street light pole, 3~6mlong composite garden light poles are more cost effective and easier to install. The general frp light pole diamter is 50.0mm~80.0mm with 1.8~2.5mm wall thickness, which can be used more than 30 years.

Pultrusion light pole is anti-uv, but most customers prefer composite light poles to be painted specified colors so that they look much beautiful eventhough there is surface veil on the pole and have longer survice time. Pre-drilling job can be achieved so that you don’t additional labor cost.
So light weight and low maintenance fiberlgass pole is ideal to replace steel and aluminium light pole.
Fiberglass Pultruded Garden Light Pole

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