What Is Carbon Fiber Prepreg?


Prepreg (Prepreg, Preimpregnated Materials) is an intermediate material of composite material, which is a preleach product made from Matrix impregnated in Reinforced Fiber.
Reinforced carbon fiber presoak material is made of carbon fiber yarn, resin matrix, mold material such as paper, after coating, hot pressing, cooling, laminating, coiling process of composite material, also known as carbon fiber presoak cloth.

The performance characteristics
High strength and low density: the strength of carbon fiber preimpregnated materials can reach 6-12 times of steel, and only a quarter of the density of steel
Plasticity: any shape can be made according to mould shape, easy to form, easy to process
Corrosion resistant and long life

Carbon fiber preleaching type
The types of carbon fiber in material, unidirectional carbon fiber presoak and woven carbon fiber presoak expected, the unidirectional carbon fiber in material in the fiber direction, have the largest intensity, is often used to have different direction of composite laminated plate, and braided carbon fiber presoak material have different ways of weaving, about equal to its strength in two directions, and applied to different structures.

Application field
Carbon fiber is widely used in fishing tackle, sports equipment, sports supplies, aerospace and other fields. It is used to make important military products such as rocket, missile, satellite, radar, bulletproof car and body armor.

Production process of carbon fiber preleaching materials
The fiber bundle is made up of the required content and width, and then the fiber is separated evenly by the fiber frame, while the resin is heated and coated on the top and bottom of the paper. the fiber and coated resin can be imported from the top and bottom of the paper. The fiber is located between the top and bottom paper, and the resin is spread evenly between the fibers by the pressure of the roller. After the fiber is impregnated with resin, it is cooled or dried, and the coils are rolled into scrolls.

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