FRP Tent Pole


The pole is second largest part in tent construction, materials are divided into several main parts:Fiberglass rod, carbon fiber rod and aluminum bar, the high-end products is titanium alloy rods!

The main application of pultruded tent pole is to support the tent to be a wind the rod must have requirements of good toughness, high elasticity and should not be broken. This also the main distinction between good and bad.

People tend to choose aluminum rod among these, the reason that many people choose aluminum rod is because it is lighter than FRP pole, but the actuality is their weight is almost same, some even heavier than fiberglass support, and The support features of fiberglass rod is also slightly higher than the ordinary aluminum rod. But the most important weaknesses of fiberglass pole under long-term and low temperature use, it is easy to crack and lose the original elasticity, sometimes it will be break! So the fiberglass pole tent will usually be delivered with piece of aluminum tubes in case of spare!

But the latest one material PE fiber glass tube pole” which promoted by Luxe in recently have changed this shortcomings, warp carbon fiber rod with PE material to prevent craze, but also improved the carbon fiber rod 50/100 support, while the weight is increased but the price is still cheap!

The FRP pole is divided into yellow and black poles, black poles are most common, but the quality of the yellow rods is much better and more expensive.

The aluminum rod is divided into more kinds, except for brand, material, producing area and there also have different specifications, it is difficult to find out! But most of the common poles are Korean aluminum. Aluminum rod’s quality is hard to be distinguished in general, but for good aluminium poles, single piece of aluminum rod are not easy to bend by hands , but normal rods is easy to bend and with advantages of fine workmanship, smooth appearance, compact interface, which not easily falls off to be painted light, it has qualitative feeling, and with brand words in every section of the rod head, lightweight, high elasticity, generally every 4 meters long 8 mm aluminum rod can be nested in a circle and constantly! And after a few days of bending, it can rebound to be straight pole! The number of the pole is also the key importance, generally speaking the more poles, more stable, the performance of wind resistance and snow collapsing is higher, so it is general to choose 5m long or longer rod to support for mountain tents!


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