Unicomposite FRP Square Tube Performance


Fiberglass products has more than  60 years of history, from the simple fiberglass hand lay-up production development to computer control operation. There is a wide variety of product performance, and appears in every corner of our life. For the global research trends and development action of FRP pultrusion products, it caused a large number of international seminars held, and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) the composite architecture “Journal of composites for construction magazine” in 1997 founded. FRP products of high tensile strength, light weight, durability and multi-functional make it become the first choice for many renovation works and construction materials. With the publication of the design code, fiberglass pultruded profiles are no longer an experimental product, but a well recognized building material.

Fiberglass square tube is a type of FRP product, and it is a hollow thin-wall profile with square cross section.FRP pultruded square tube production is  through the traction device of continuous traction, the fiberglass roving and mat, preimpregnated in the resin, then goes  through the heating pultrusion mould with a fixed cross-sectional shape, in the mold curing and achieve continuous production scale automatic mode.

It has excellent corrosion resistance with long service life, and won’t produce two other media pollution.

And the weight of the FRP tube is only 1/4 weight of iron pipe and 1/10 of cement tube with the same specification, so it’s convenient to transport, handling and easy to install.

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