Factory Direct Sale Product Advantages of FRP Handrails

Fiber Reinforce Plastic handrails are widely used in municipal engineering, transportation, community, ports, airports, the maintenance of storage areas, such products are becoming more and more mature, become a important branch of building materials industry, industry scale expands unceasingly, the style  is growing. FRP barrier by post (square tube or round tube), bottom sit, armrest, elbow joint, skirting board, self-tapping screws and other accessories, glass fiber reinforced plastic barrier through proper connection and combination products, widely used in different fields.
Glass steel production of glass fiber reinforced plastic barrier has the following features:
1. Light weight, material density is only a quarter of the steel, easy to carry and site installation.
2. Good safety, conform to the requirements of the GB 4053.3 fixed industrial protective railings. FRP handrails whole assembled in all midpoint between adjacent two columns of armrest, applying 50 kg/m from the horizontal load, for 2 min is not damaged, there is no permanent deformation after unloading.
3. Corrosion resistance, no rust, no maintenance. Don’t need a year do paint, basic no maintenance.
4. Easy to install. All sizes have been good according to the actual processing, the site for easy assembly.
5. Long service life.
6. Checkered, colour and lustre downy, like plastic, can have a variety of colors, facilitate urban color design, not the reflective pollution of stainless steel. Can design various styles according to customer requirements.
7. Security: because FRP not sold, to reduce the chances of the criminals steal.
FRP handrails applications: glass fiber reinforced plastic grille platform, walkway, the ladder stair step guardrail, platform and walkway fence, pool fence, fence chemical storage tanks. Combination of platform guardrail products easy to install, easy to maintenance and the characteristics of safety, the company developed a safe and reliable platform guardrail products, can be used in corrosion resistance and conductive environment with special needs.
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