What are the advantages of using Fiberglass Grating in an outdoor environment?

Fiberglass Grating is a lightweight and acoustic alternative to steel or aluminum grills. Corrosion-resistant and flame-retardant, this product line is ideal for use outdoors or in corrosive environments.
Safety – Our grating  products can be adapted with special features to suit your environment. In the oil industry, for example, gratings can be textured to reduce the risk of falls. You also don’t have to worry about corroded or damaged gratings as you would with steel in corrosive environments like offshore rigs.
 It saves you money – when you switch to fiberglass grating, the biggest impact will be on your bottom line. From shipping to installation to maintenance-free, long life – FRP is much cheaper overall.
Uncompromising strength – just because FRP is cheaper than steel doesn’t mean you lose the edge anywhere else. Steel cannot beat FRP in terms of durability and strength. Our grates are as strong as steel, but without the disadvantages of steel.
Non-Conductive – Electrical hazards are difficult to manage without throwing metal walking surfaces into the mix. Fiberglass is an insulator and therefore protects workers from electric shock.
Unicomposite has the expertise to custom fabricate out-of-the-box gratings in almost any configuration. With our strategic network of well-stocked warehouses and manufacturing facilities, our products are always readily available. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff in sales, engineering and drafting can meet your requirements, from structural drawings to detailed raster drawings to fully fabricated, ready-to-install rasters. As a manufacturer and manufacturer, we provide our customers with a complete “one-stop” solution for all their grating needs.
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