Which type of marker do you need, wood or fiberglass?


Wooden markers typically cost an average of 10-20 cents each, making them a more affordable option. However, they tend to crack during installation and are not as strong as their fiberglass cousins. If you’re concerned about visibility, you may want to paint the stakes or use reflective tape.

While fiberglass posts are more expensive, they tend to last longer and perform more reliably in harsh environments. Installing these can still be a pain, especially if the ground is already frozen or the soil is rocky. If you’re using a drill to create the pilot hole, be prepared to burn through a few bits. Or you can check out tip number #7 below!

Remember, never replace wood or fiberglass snow piles with rebar or PVC pipe. Any material other than wood or fiberglass can accidentally injure something or someone.

Wooden driveway markers typically cost 10-20 cents less per stick, but they also break more easily and more frequently. You might break some installations of them, so keep that in mind. A good place to use wood is if you are just doing your private land or driving. If you’re the only one, plow you should be fine. When the stakes break, they also create a jab hazard that no one wants to sue. Fiberglass driveway markers are more expensive, but they can also be subject to more abuse and will bounce back most of the time when snow rolls over them. Fiberglass snow piles also come in a variety of colors, so you don’t have to paint the tips like wood piles. Lastly, fiberglass driveway markers can often be reused year after year, at least those that remain in the spring. They are also easier to push into the ground and you can hit them with a mallet.

Unicopmosite Reflective Fiberglass Lane Markers are constructed of the highest quality fiberglass for durability. Unicomposite contractors love fiberglass snow piles for their durability and visibility. Polar Snow Products’ fiberglass plow posts are bright orange with reflective tape for 360-degree visibility.

Our mission has always been simple: to provide the highest quality snow piles at the absolute lowest price.

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