Windows and Doors Generation


There are many types of windows and doors, generally, it includes two major categories of industrial and civilian doors and windows.

In the world, according to the development sequence, doors and windows can be divided into four generations:
The first generation is the light window, ventilation window or observation window and door;
The second generation is to support or safety doors and windows, decorative doors and windows;
The third generation is energy saving window, heat preservation window, heat insulation window, sealing window, sound insulation window and prevent corrosion window, etc.;
The fourth generation is smart windows, including remote sensing breathing window and window with bio environmental protection.

According to the doors and windows of different materials, they can be broadly divided into three generations:
The first generation: wooden doors;
The second generation:metal doors and windows, including steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, copper doors and windows etc. (due to copper doors and windows is only appear in the recent years, a high-grade process windows and doors, the market share is very low, the paper does not discuss.
The third generation: plastic doors and windows, including PVC doors and windows and fiberglass pultruded doors and windows, etc.
In China, we divide windows and doors to be wooden, steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, PVC windows and doors, fiberglass pultruded windows and doors.
FRP windows and doors:
1. Fiberglass pultruded wondow light weight high strength. The density is about 1.8, the tensile strength is close to the ordinary carbon steel , flexural strength and flexural elastic is also very good, therefore frp windows and doors don’t need the steel lined reinforcement, but also save the manufacturing cost.
2. Good sealing performance, energy-saving insulation. Fiberglass pultruded doors and windows in the assembly process, all the gaps are used and the tops of rubber seal, sealed a good performance. At the same time, the thermal conductivity of glass fiber is low, only 1/1000 ~ 1/100 of the metal, and its special structure of an empty stomach, good insulation.

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