FRP Pipe and Gratings Tips


FRP pipe tips:

According to the engineering features and technical requirements, after comparing  cast iron pipe, fiberglass pultruded or winding pipe and concrete pipe, through technical and economic comparison, we recommend to use frp pipe. According to the planning requirements and different depth of foundation, we  should choose the appropriate strength of fiberglass pultruded tube. Therefore, different intensity of the fiberglass tube type should be buried depth less than 4m and greater than 4m. The excavation of foundation trench, should be in accordance with the coordinate measuring line, location and range of the town pier. Vegetation arrangement. Earthwork excavation before finishing the first excavation in the project area of roots, weed, waste water, waste residue and other hinder, finishing using bulldozers. In order to maintain the natural vegetation in the area adjacent to the process, it can not be caused by the improper construction of the adjacent forest capital, and can not affect the environmental protection. All of the removal, using or buried in the designated area, and shall not impede the natural drainage or pollution of the environment. Construction precipitation. Before excavation, it should be done to make the precipitation process, and avoid the ground subsidence, which caused the uneven subsidence of the glass tube.

Gratings tips:

Glass steel products in the use of some of the considerations:
1. due to the density of fiberglass pultruded/molded grating is small, it’s a kind of light material, in the underground water level is higher in the area of glass fiber reinforced plastic grating is extremely easy to float, we must be considered to set up the town pier or storm water runoff and other measures.
2. three ways are made  in the installed fiberglass gratings, repair the crack pipe construction, similar and within the plant completely dry conditions and construction of resin and fiber cloth is 7 – 8 hours to solidify, and site construction and repair generally difficult to meet the requirements.
3. fiberglass reinforced plastic gratings can’t be detected at present, other follow-up construction units in the construction of extremely easy to dig, damage the pipeline.
4. glass fiber reinforced plastic grille. With the running time, the rich resin layer and ultraviolet absorber will be destroyed, which affects its service life.
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