Laying of Fiberglass Gratings


There are many skills when installing fiberglass gratings to ensure the safety in application.

Finished fiberglass pultruded/molded gratings without any treatment have one side with smooth surface, the other side with the crescent face naturally formed. Due to the nature of the crescent moon surface with a non slip performance,many people will choose the crescent side as the main surface. They are safe and antiskid. But there are some defects, long-term use is prone to edge phenomenon.

The laying of the fiberglass grating will tend to appear uneven surface and tilt angle phenomenon in the roadside. This phenomenon is caused by the inconvenience to pedestrians, for people who are not to pay attention to the pedestrian, it’s easy to fall to bring a safety hazard.

Fiberglass pultruded gratings and molded gratings are not only for the tree pit cover plate, also for plant operation platform, chemical platform, the path along the cliff in the air and other places, these places if at the time of laying do not pay attention to laying is no smooth and meticulous, or fixed is not good, it will caused the personnel casualty, produce enormous security risks, thus ensuring the fiberglass gratings keep flat and without rake angle after a long time has become a major security measure.

The installation of fiberglass gratings for the purpose of a tractor or a car can be laid by a special equipment, and it can be laid/installed by workers as well. At both ends of the tube glass fiber grille per reel products each marked with orange and blue mark, before laying, should choose the rubber surface downward, determine the color marking the at one end, to facilitate the construction and not the surface glue shop wrong. When the frp grating is laid, it should be kept smooth and taut, and no wrinkles so that they have an effective tension.

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