FRP Handrail Information


Fiberglass handrail is made of fiberglass pultruded profiles and molded connectors, they are:
(1) DIY – type installation.
The traditional glass steel railings hole needs to be opened, slotting, precision cut complex, inefficient installation process transformation for DIY style simple operation (as long as you have a to drill on the line)
(2) Strength is better than most materials. As a result of the use of special connection head, integral type integral connection, the maximum guarantee of the rail strength;
(3) Better anti ageing.

Properties of fiberglass handrailing:
1. Corrosion resistance, no rust: fiberglass handrail has excellent corrosion resistance, the ability of different levels of acid, alkali, organic solvents and salts, and other gas, liquid medium corrosion, never rust, according to the actual situation media type and temperature requirements, phthalate, benzene type, vinyl type to choose to use.
2. Lightweight high strength: pultrusion process has a high glass fiber content (more than 60%), so that the ratio of the strength and stiffness of the more prominent, the glass fiber density is about only 1/4 of steel, light weight, very easy to carry, thereby reducing the cost of moving.
3. Anti fatigue: fiberglass handrail has a high anti fatigue strength, allowing repeated bending without permanent deformation.
4. Bright colors, fiberglass handrail color is in profile produced by adding without coating Hunran Tiancheng, with good visual effect, and has a certain role in warning.
5. Anti aging: glass fiber reinforced plastic steel profile production, product service life of up to 20 years, and in all of the pultruded profiles in the formula are added to resist ultraviolet radiation to obtain the best anti UV effect.
6. No maintenance: pultruded handrail is the deployment of pigment into the resin production, product color can be according to customer requirements, not easy to fade, no need to paint maintenance and has the role of self clean.
7. Excellent electromagnetic properties: glass fiber reinforced with good electrical insulation, no electromagnetic and electric spark, can be used in the electrical hazard, the magnetic sensitive equipment area, as well as flammable and explosive places, etc.
8. Good economic benefits: the production process of the glass fiber reinforced plastic, the product quality is stable; the production process has no waste, the raw material utilization rate is high, the production efficiency is high, the labor cost is low; the product length can be cut according to the need, cutting waste, and long-term use without maintenance.

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