Factors Which Will Effect Carbon Fiber Tubes Strength


Carbon fiber tube can be made by pultrusion process and roller, it has all the advantages of carbon fiber products have, such as high specific strength, high specific modulus, fatigue resistance, light weight, small thermal expansion coefficient and so on. Carbon fiber tubes can be used in various structures. For example, the mast on a sailboat, satellite antenna support truss, camera tripod, flag poles, ladders, axial engine support. In this article, we’ll talk about the factors which affect the use of carbon fiber tube.

Tensile strength: adhesive performance between layers may affect its use, lead to delamination. Have the material process and quality.

Compressive strength: the carbon fiber tube compression strength and the use of the resin and the interface conditions have a great relationship. To enhance the compression strength, we must choose a good resin.

Bending shear: if the carbon fiber tube is round shape with uniform tube wall, its flexural modulus is low. The shear stress is very complex when bending, it has a different direction of force, and the neutral layer on both sides of the force is the largest.

Other factors: in addition to being a variety of forces, some environment will also affect its use, such as high temperature or strong corrosive environment.

In general, the carbon fiber tube will have long service life as long as no great pressure.

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