FRP Light Pole With Metal Core


Unicomposite factory has developed different types of fiberglass light poles, including pultruded straight light pole with round and octagon shap and tapered poles. When the light pole needs to be buried deep underground, metal or steel core quires to be as the stiffener to ensure the fiberglass pole strengthened.

Fiberglass pultruded or filament winding tube with metal core developed by Unicomposite, compared with normal fiberglass tube, has great progress in tube modulus, as our engineers’ calculation, 3 times higher than normal fiberglass tube at least. It may lower in tensile and shear strength in longitude direction, but all the strengths in transverse direction are much better than normal ones (as pulwound tube is as 1-2 times stronger as pultruded tube in transverse direction, not saying with metal core).

At present, this 60 tube can be regular size in inner pressure including 2.5, 5 , 10, 20 Mpa etc different choices for transporting liquid material. We also able to develop 112*92*6mm rectangular tube for high load requirement, and 200*100*10mm tube for big span application. Meanwhile, with your data including exact application, load ability requirements, we may design and produce the special profiles for you.

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