Fiberglass Gratings Coordination


The coordination of the fiberglass gratings are in many aspects:

1.Color: application of different occasions, fiberglass molded or pultruded gratings collocation’s color is also different. Such as the use of the car wash, the general colors are green, yellow and blue. But some customers will choose other colors, such as white, gray, etc. because of its ability to make it better and the whole car car wash field fitting environment collocation coordination. And not just take the mass line, nothing new. But in urban greening and environmental protection, green, and blue is the most commonly used, for green, only these two colors are relatively more suitable, such as the use of other colors is more obtrusive.

2.Size: small changes in the size of the product space, its application is not too broad. Such as wood, if the thickness is very high, the wood will not be able to maintain the increase in thickness after the performance is also improved. In the car wash field, we general use is 3.8*3.8*3.8cm fiberglass pultruded or molded gratings.

3.Comprehensive performance: relatively speaking, the size of the overall capacity is the biggest factor affecting the application of fiberglass gratings. In chemical plant, fiberglass gratings reflects is their high strength acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance; in electroplating equipment factory, embodiment is strong quality, high strength, lightweight, flexible features; in carwash, embodiment is strong water resistance, strong bearing ability; in the greening of the city, which is of long service life, high safety characteristics.

4.Safety: safety and environmental protection has been essential to the development of the city, in the construction, the use of fiberglass gratings with a high degree of fire resistance; in the city, the fiberglass grating has a good function of cleaning and safety.

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