Application of Carbon Fiber Tube in Photographic Equipment


Carbon fiber tube is one of the common application forms of carbon fiber composite materials in industry, civil, medical and other fields. Because of its light weight, high strength, and flexible design, it has the development trend of becoming a new generation of parts.

When going out to shoot, photography staff often feel annoyed to carry too many and heavy equipment. The transportation of the camera, slide track, waving arm and other equipment always makes shooting in small teams or single-person combat very difficult. In order to make loading easier, sliding smoother, and maneuvering more convenient, the slide tracking made of carbon fiber tubes has become a weapon for high-end photography teams. For example, a carbon fiber track with a length of 1.2m, diameter of 16.2cm, and wall thickness of 2mm has a net weight of only 1.9kg, but its load-bearing capacity can reach 10kg, which can well meet work needs.

Application of Carbon Fiber Tube in Photographic Equipment


Besides of slide track, carbon fiber is also used as a variety of support poles. Equipment like surveying and mapping, photographic equipment and camping tents require solid and reliable support when in use. For support poles, the heavier the more stable it is, but from the point of view of actual use, lighter weight is more suitable for long distances. Lightweight, sturdy and durable carbon fiber tubes can do this task well. Carbon fiber tube is more flexible than aluminum poles. As long as it is not broken due to violent bumps, it will generally not cause structural impact on the pipe, but metal shelves may have pit when knocked out which will affect the folding of the frame. From the perspective of long-term use, the metal frame is more prone to bending and deformation.

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