Application Of Fiberglass Grating In The Field Of Construction


Fiberglass grating is usually classified as a building material, and its application range is very wide. Except for the chemical industry and sewage treatment industry that we often mention, FRP grating is the most widely used in the construction field.

Application Of Fiberglass Grating In The Field Of Construction

Fiberglass grating

Application advantages of fiberglass grating in the construction field:

  • FRP gratings are often used on operating platforms and stair treads. FRP grating can replace wood panels because it has higher strength and bearing capacity than wood panels, and does not have the same short service life and limited application capacity as wood panels.
  • Used as decoration supplies, guardrails, grille floors, walkways, trench covers, cable trench covers, well covers, etc. These are essential in construction projects, and the use of FRP grating is economical and affordable.
  • FRP grating has good thermal insulation, and some light-transmitting walls and roofs that need thermal insulation are suitable. It is an excellent insulating material, for building electrical communication systems, and has extraordinary uses. FRP grating has good moisture permeability and can be made into various products, which are widely used in water supply and drainage projects and other aspects of buildings.
  • FRP grating is used as a wall, which not only protects the building area from damage but also has a clear and durable color.
  • FRP grating ceilings have also become a trend, used in some large public places, such as large sports plazas, opera houses, exhibition halls, and so on.

Fiberglass grating has many advantages in the field of construction, and with the improvement of technology, more and more new products have been developed, and there will be more useful in the field of construction in the future.

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