Characteristics And Application Of Fiberglass Rod


Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) rod is a kind of FRP composite material formed by pultrusion. It is a thermosetting elastic material formed by continuous glass fiber roving and resin drawn by pultrusion machine.

The rich resin layer on the surface makes it have good anti-corrosion, and it has lightweight, high strength, good elasticity, stable size, and precision. At the same time with insulation, non-thermal conductivity, flame retardant, beautiful and easy to maintain, and other excellent characteristics, so in corrosive environment engineering is a good product to replace steel and other materials.

And widely used in Optical cable strengthening core, sports equipment products, support rod, road marking rod, flag pole, canopy pole, tent pole, grain machine hanger rod, curtain rod, sign rod, fan column, car antenna, construction, bridge reinforcement, Mechanical drive shaft, golf club, yard fence, kite frame, aluminum film balloon frame, umbrella frame, support blanket frame, model airplane frame, bag frame, fishing gear accessories, etc.

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Fiberglass Pultruded Profiles

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