Other Uses for Reflective Snow Markers


Reflective Snow Markers

Also, known as Reflective Snow Markers have many uses other than to line your driveway in the wintertime. Here are just a few uses for this versatile product.

  • Mark the edges of your driveway – Use Snow Markers to mark both sides of your driveway to protect your landscape after a snowfall. Snow markers come with white reflective tape that makes visible day and night ensuring that you park your car on the driveway and not on your lawn or flower beds.
  • Gardening – Our markers can be used to hold up newly planted vegetables and trees.
  • Landscape Markers – Have a property line that you want to make clear? Reflective Snow Markers are a great way to outline your property. They are inexpensive so you can use a lot of them if you have a large property. You can also use them to mark the location of sprinkler heads and drains.
  • Sports Markers – With Reflective Snow Markers you can quickly create obstacle courses, create paths and place at various distances on a sports field.
  • Engineering/Property Projects – Mark out your area of work with reflective driveway markers. Ever loose your place when you have measured out the area? This will make it possible to keep your exact measurements!

Reflective Snow Markers are inexpensive and made from durable fiberglass. They have a pointed tip for easy installation into hard ground and white reflective tap that increases visibility day or night.  Wholesale 2 You offers driveway markers in 20, 40, 50, 100 and 200 pack sizes.

Other Uses for Reflective Snow Markers

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