Pultruded profile FRP square tube


The square tube is a typical profile in daily life, and now in various industries, the square tube made of glass fiber reinforced plastic is used more.

FRP square tube has good anti-corrosion performance, mainly because it is a general structure composed of resin and glass fiber yarn, the combination between molecules is stable, not only has high acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, Moreover, the effect of weathering resistance is also perfect, and there will be no corrosion and weathering phenomenon in long-term use.

Pultruded profile FRP square tube

It also has a series of excellent properties such as high-temperature resistance, high strength, low specific gravity, low moisture absorption, low elongation, and good insulation.

Because it has so many advantages and characteristics, the application of FRP square tube is very wide, such as FRP grating platform, FRP operating platform, FRP guardrail, FRP ladder, sports equipment, garden tools, and so on.

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