Types Of FRP Gratings


According to the forming process, fiberglass gratings can be divided into pultruded fiberglass gratings and molded fiberglass gratings.

Pultruded Gratings:

Pultruded FRP gratings are assembled by three parts:

Bearing profile: it is mainly composed of pultruded “I” or “T” profile.

The connection profile: its role is to connect the bearing section, and it is mainly used in pultrusion rod or a variety of special stick

The spacer profile: its role in the regulation of the gap and fixed fiberglass gratings, it is mainly used for pultrusion of bar

With pultruded profile “I” or “T” profile bearing rod, with pultruded rod or bar as a various shaped bar with adhesive, according to a certain pitch of the bar and the bearing rod are connected together to form the FRP gratings.

Molded FRP gratings: laying glass fiber roving in large metal mold casting with a thermosetting resin, and a cold curing molding, mold release can be obtained after the molding of FRP gratings. In the production of molded grating, we can seal the surface of the gratings with upper plate structure to form gratings at a lower height.

The FRP gratings color: color is compatible with the resins and resin paste to achieve, so the color is not on the surface, so as to keep the lasting color. Colorful FRP gratings can improve your production environment, change the invariable gloomy situation corrosive environment and make your factory modern.

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