What is carbon fiber tube?


What is carbon fiber tube?

The carbon fiber tube is made of carbon fiber composite material pre-impregnated with styrene-based polyester resin and then heated and cured by pultrusion (winding). During the manufacturing process, various profiles can be produced through different molds, such as carbon fiber round tubes of different specifications, square tubes of different specifications, sheets of different specifications, and other profiles, which can also be surface-packed during the production process Beautify, and so on.

What is carbon fiber tube?

carbon fiber tubes

Characteristics of carbon fiber tubes

  • High tensile strength: The strength of carbon fiber is 6-12 times that of steel, which can reach more than 3000mpa.
  • Low density and lightweight, the density is only less than 1/4 of steel.

Features and uses

Carbon fiber tubes have the advantages of high strength, long life, corrosion resistance, lightweight, and low density, and are widely used in kites, model aircraft, lamp brackets, PC equipment shafts, etching machines, medical equipment, sports equipment, and other mechanical equipment. A series of excellent properties such as dimensional stability, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion coefficient, self-lubrication, energy absorption, and shock resistance. And has high specific modulus, fatigue resistance, creep resistance, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and so on.

The disadvantage is that it has electrical conductivity (Ωcm–1.5 × 10-3), and the advantage is that it has a very good tensile strength (for example, calculated in units of 12,000 filaments, its tensile strength is kg/mm2–400).

The amount of carbon fiber used in the production of carbon fiber tubes directly determines its mechanical performance and value. Carbon fiber tube has the characteristics of lightweight, firm, and high tensile strength, but special attention should be paid to preventing electricity when using them.

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